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08 Jan Why Fund-Flow Stats Aren’t the Indicator They Used to Be

Smart investors used to be able to identify market tops and bottoms by watching the weekly flows of money into and out of mutual funds. Then came the stampede into exchange-traded funds, and the crystal ball for predicting market shifts grew cloudy. Because weekly flow data now measures not just money moving into or out of mutual funds or between stock and bond funds, but also between one type of investment product (stock mutual funds) and another (lower-cost ETFs), the data has lost much of its usefulness for gauging small-investor sentiment toward equities in general. Strategists still keep close watch on the aggregate weekly flows into or out of U.S. stock-focused mutual funds to get an idea of what individual investors are doing on a macro level. Some 95% of long-term mutual-fund assets (which includes around $10 trillion in stock funds) are owned by retail investors, according to estimates from the Investment Company...

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24 Oct C.J. Lawrence Makes Donation to Aid Neediest Victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

The devastation in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria has touched all of us here at C.J. Lawrence.  C.J. Lawrence has a 25-year history advising private clients and institutions on the island of Puerto Rico.  In these times of need, C.J. Lawrence stands with the people of Puerto Rico as they recover and rebuild. As a token of our support, C.J. Lawrence has donated to the Fundación Kinesis which has established a special fund to aid the neediest citizens of Puerto Rico for things such as home repair, temporary shelter, medical access, and educational support. For more information on Fundación Kinesis initiative go to:

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