C.J. Lawrence UIT Products Surpass $1 Billion in Sales at Advisors Asset Management

Advisors Asset Management (AAM) announced on September 7th that it exceeded $1 billion in sales in unit investment trusts (UITs) where C.J. Lawrence (CJL) serves as the portfolio consultant.

CJL is a New York-based investment management firm providing customized portfolios to individuals, families and institutions. The AAM UITs where CJL acts as portfolio consultant seeks to provide above-average total return primarily through capital appreciation. CJL has a long-term record of utilizing its portfolio strategy expertise to build innovative portfolios that can potentially benefit from longer-term market trends.

CJL is the portfolio consultant to:

  • Bulldog Portfolio – UITs that seek to provide above-average total return primarily through capital appreciation, focusing primarily on stocks of companies that are aggressive and tenacious about taking and defending market share in growing industries.
  • American Renaissance Portfolio – UITs that seek to provide above-average total return primarily through capital appreciation, identifying companies with three key viewpoints in mind; resurgence in U.S. manufacturing, the exploitation of U.S. domestic low-cost energy and favorable demographics.
  • European Select Portfolio – UITs that seek to provide above-average total return primarily through capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks of established companies domiciled in Europe.

“We believe the surest path to long-term investment success and a common thrust through all C.J. Lawrence investment strategies is our team’s focus on companies with the potential to deliver real sustainable earnings growth, regardless of the global macro landscape,” said Bernhard Koepp, CEO of Cyrus J. Lawrence. “It is this singular focus on unique thematic growth opportunities that we believe sets our firm apart.”

Richard Stewart, CFA, Executive Vice President UITs at AAM, commented: “Our partnership with C.J. Lawrence demonstrates our commitment to teaming up with high-quality managers to ensure investors receive access to innovative investment strategies.”



Cyrus J. Lawrence LLC has a legacy dating back to 1864. CJL was re-launched in 2014 and constitutes the former Investment Management team of ISI Inc. CJL combines the talents of a highly experienced portfolio management team within an environment centered only on offering good investing advice. CJL specializes in separately managed accounts for high net worth individuals or families, and thematic commingled funds. Assets under supervision were $739 million as of 9-30-17.

C.J. Lawrence is located in New York and is an independent, privately owned SEC-registered investment advisor. Investment management is CJL’s core competency. Analytical rigor and proprietary investment disciplines are the foundation of its portfolio management process. CJL’s portfolio managers construct institutional quality portfolios for high net worth clients. From analysis to implementation, it serves as a trusted advisor and investment manager. This combined approach is what sets it apart.

C.J. Lawrence’s portfolio managers, Jim Moltz, Bernhard Koepp, Bruce Benedict, and Terry Gardner have a long-term record of using its extensive investment experience to anticipate changes in global markets and identify longer term investment trends for the benefit of its clients’ portfolios. CJL is a thought leader via its weekly publications and blog posts which can be found at CJL-Insights:  https://cjlawrence.com/cjl-insights/ .  For more information on CJL go to our website at www.cjlawrence.com. C.J. Lawrence is a registered trademark of Cyrus J. Lawrence LLC.


For more than 35 years, AAM has been a trusted resource for financial advisors and broker/dealers. It offers access to UITs (unit investment trusts), open- and closed-end mutual funds, separately managed accounts (SMAs), structured products and the fixed income markets, as well as portfolio analytics. For more information, visit www.aamlive.com.

As of June 30, 2017 the brokerage and advised business at AAM represents approximately $21.3 billion in assets. (Assets under supervision represent $7.9 billion in UIT assets. The firm has $12.1 billion in assets under administration that represents the non-proprietary assets for which AAM provides various levels of service, but not management. The firm’s $1.3 billion in assets under management represents AAM’s proprietary separately managed account and mutual fund assets.)

Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are sold only by prospectus. You should consider the trust’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. Contact your financial professional or visit Advisors Asset Management online at www.aamlive.com/uit to obtain a prospectus, which contains this and other financial information about the trust. Read it carefully before you invest or send any money. As with any investment, investors may lose money by investing in UITs and the trust may not perform as well as expected. Investing in UITs is a long-term strategy and investors should consider their ability to invest in successive trusts, if available. Investors also should consult a tax professional regarding the tax implications associated with investing in UITs. Securities offered through your financial professional.

Advisors Asset Management, Inc. (AAM) is a SEC registered investment advisor and member FINRA/SIPC. | 18925 Base Camp Road | Monument, CO 80132 | www.aamlive.com


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CEO – Managing Member

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