C.J. Lawrence Makes Donation to Aid Neediest Victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

The devastation in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria has touched all of us here at C.J. Lawrence.  C.J. Lawrence has a 25-year history advising private clients and institutions on the island of Puerto Rico.  In these times of need, C.J. Lawrence stands with the people of Puerto Rico as they recover and rebuild.

As a token of our support, C.J. Lawrence has donated to the Fundación Kinesis which has established a special fund to aid the neediest citizens of Puerto Rico for things such as home repair, temporary shelter, medical access, and educational support. For more information on Fundación Kinesis initiative go to: https://www.crowdrise.com/dashboard/juanfernandez3/hurricane-maria-relief-kinesis-puerto-rico-foundation


Cyrus J. Lawrence LLC has a legacy dating back to 1864. CJL was re-launched in 2014 and constitutes the former Investment Management team of ISI Inc. CJL combines the talents of a highly experienced portfolio management team within an environment centered only on offering good investing advice. CJL specializes in separately managed accounts for high net worth individuals or families, and thematic commingled funds. Assets under supervision were $739 million as of 9-30-17.

C.J. Lawrence is located in New York and is an independent, privately owned SEC-registered investment advisor. Investment management is CJL’s core competency. Analytical rigor and proprietary investment disciplines are the foundation of its portfolio management process. CJL’s portfolio managers construct institutional quality portfolios for high net worth clients. From analysis to implementation, it serves as a trusted advisor and investment manager. This combined approach is what sets it apart.

C.J. Lawrence’s portfolio managers, Jim Moltz, Bernhard Koepp, Bruce Benedict, Terry Gardner have a long-term record of using its extensive investment experience to anticipate changes in global markets and identify longer term investment trends for the benefit of its clients’ portfolios. CJL is a thought leader via its weekly publications and blog posts which can be found at CJL-Insights:  https://cjlawrence.com/cjl-insights/ .  For more information on CJL go to our website at www.cjlawrence.com. C.J. Lawrence is a registered trademark of Cyrus J. Lawrence LLC.


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