C.J. Lawrence is a boutique investment firm based in New York City with a legacy dating to 1864.

CJL combines the talents of a highly experienced portfolio management team with an environment centered on providing customized investment management.

CJL specializes in separately managed accounts for high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutions.

As of 12-31-22, assets under supervision are just over $740 million.

CJL is an independent, privately owned, SEC registered investment advisor.

Portfolio Managers

“Investment management is our core competency.”

CJL’s portfolio management team uses its extensive investment experience to anticipate changes in global markets and identify longer term investment trends.

Analytical rigor and proprietary investment disciplines are the foundation of our portfolio management process.

From analysis to implementation, the firm’s portfolio managers serve as your trusted investment managers and advisors. This combined approach is what sets us apart.


CJL’s legacy is deeply rooted in proprietary research. The firm continues to publish regular reports on portfolio strategy, the economy, and markets. These reports are made available to our clients and are frequently quoted in the financial press. Regular market updates in video form are published on C.J. Lawrence’s YouTube channel. These videos and their transcripts can also be found on our website.


Over the past 25 years CJL’s portfolio managers have applied a qualitative discipline to establish a buy-universe of no more than 200 stocks of companies that embody what CJL calls Bulldog characteristics. We continuously measure and review our target stock universe and consider changes in the macro and micro-outlook. Our selection process generates a portfolio of between 30 and 40 stocks which we believe have strong potential for long-term price appreciation. Our longer-term investment horizon results in relatively low turnover.

Bulldogs are companies that are intensely focused on taking market share in growing sectors. These companies dominate or disrupt their competition through a combination of financial strength, innovation, economies of scale, product or service differentiation, and management talent.

Our buy‐universe is continually measured by our valuation model and ranked by total return over a 3‐year period. Stock selection is subject to price/value standards measured against the future return of the market.

A diversified portfolio of 30 to 40 stocks is composed. Annual portfolio turnover tends to be low. Positions are eliminated or reduced if their preeminent competitive position erodes or when expected returns become modest compared to other stocks in our universe.

Our Bulldog‐equity portfolios are also available in conjunction with an allocation into fixed income.


C.J. Lawrence’s experienced client services professionals provide a high degree of service to a limited number of high net worth clients, family offices and institutions.

Our portfolio management system allows for customized reporting.

CJL infaces with most custodians but uses Fidelity as its default custodian at no additional cost to clients.

For institutional clients, CJL is an approved manager on the Envestnet and Orion platforms.

Advisors Asset Management (AAM) sponsors CJL’s UIT strategies, which are offered through most global investment and independent brokerage firms.


CJL continues to receive Top Guns Manager Awards by Informa Investment Solutions


C.J. Lawrence launched a new website and its first corporate video


CJL expands to 1330 Avenue of the Americas


May 13, 2019 – CJL Launches its YouTube Channel


January 23, 2018 – CJL hosts its first webinar


Former Vice Chair of C.J. Lawrence, Charley Maxwell, shares his thoughts on the global energy markets in his special report, The Road from Nadir to Zenith.

The Road from Nadir to Zenith


CJL Recognized as first time Top Guns Manager by Informa Investment Solutions, with continued recognition to the present


March 2015 CJL partners with AAM


Terry Gardner rejoins C.J. Lawrence as a portfolio strategist.


Jim Moltz, Bruce Benedict, Bernhard Koepp relaunch Cyrus J. Lawrence


ISI Inc. research broker/dealer unit merges with Evercore


Jim Moltz, Bruce Benedict & Bernhard Koepp found the equity oriented account management business at ISI Inc.


Barron's publishes Jim Moltz article "Bullish on Bulldogs," a widely followed strategy investing in market share dominant companies

Bullish on Bulldogs


Ed Hyman forms ISI Inc.


C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment - Oil and Stocks Don't Mix

Oil and Stocks Don't Mix


Deutsche Bank AG acquires Morgan Grenfell / Cyrus J. Lawrence


C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment - CJL Market Monitor Turns Neutral

CJL Market Monitor Turns Neutral


Morgan Grenfell Group acquires Cyrus J. Lawrence


C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment - The New Nifty-fifty Index

The New Nifty-fifty Index


New York Times publishes profile - Lawrence: "A Wall Street Boutique That Lived"

A Wall Street Boutique That Lived


C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment - Dow Above 1,000

Dow Above 1,000


C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment - Will the Volcker Rally Last?

Will the Volcker Rally Last?


Jim Moltz appointed Chairman and President of Cyrus J. Lawrence


Ed Hyman joins Cyrus J. Lawrence


Bruce Benedict joins Cyrus J. Lawrence


Cyrus J. Lawrence publishes "Comparative Valuation of Common Stocks," a discipline we continue to practice today


Cyrus J. Lawrence & Sons - Photograph by Richard H. Lawrence

Cyrus J. Lawrence & Sons


Cyrus J. Lawrence & Sons founded


The C.J. Lawrence investment process, from research through to implementation, is the singular focus of our portfolio managers.