At C.J. Lawrence, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ investment goals and needs, and we build custom portfolios to meet and exceed them. Our rigorous research process enables us to pinpoint the investment exposure we seek and avoid securities and areas of the markets we believe will fail to perform.


CJ Lawrence’s approach to managing equity portfolios is distinct. For over two decades, our portfolio managers have applied a qualitative and quantitative approach to identifying a large universe of stocks with what we call “Bulldog” characteristics. From this list we select the highest quality Bulldogs for our clients’ equity portfolios.

Bulldogs are companies that are well capitalized, have dominant market positions, and are intensely focused on taking market share. These companies dominate or disrupt their competition through a combination of financial strength, innovation, economies of scale, product or service differentiation, and management talent. Bulldogs are not limited to traditional growth sectors. A number of these leaders are categorized as cyclical or “growth cyclical” companies and can be found in traditional value sectors. While most of our Bulldog universe is domestic, an increasing number of candidates are surfacing from other developed economies and rapidly growing emerging markets.

For clients seeking equity and fixed income exposure, our balanced portfolios combine CJL’s unique Bulldog equity portfolio with a fixed income allocation. To achieve a client’s long-term goals, the balanced investment process involves establishing a strategic asset allocation and making tactical shifts as market conditions dictate.

For clients seeking to generate current income, CJ Lawrence portfolio managers mix varying combinations of fixed income securities, money market funds, and dividend paying stocks. Our portfolio managers’ skill in investing at all levels of a company’s capital structure and our access to industry-leading credit products are advantages that benefit our clients.

Another competitive advantage is CJL’s  ability to build custom portfolios that are suited to each client’s investment needs. CJL portfolio managers hand-select individual securities that fit with client objectives and avoid any specific exposure clients seek to avoid.


Complementing our investment management expertise, CJ Lawrence operates a platinum level service model that caters to individuals, families, and organizations, many of whom have unique investment and financial planning needs. From the basics of account establishment to the complexity of transitioning international accounts, CJL experts simplify the process and navigate the obstacles.


Our advisors excel in helping families understand their college savings options, plan for vacation homes, invest in businesses, save for life events such as marriages and religious celebrations, cement philanthropic contributions and legacies, and educate the next generation about the importance of investing.


  • CJL Investment Managers have extensive experience helping families identify and plan early for life’s major events like marriages and religious celebrations.
  • Our planners regularly work with accountants to plan and execute trusts and estates.
  • CJL Investment Mangers work with their clients to invest for college, vacation homes, and legacy properties.
  • As people committed to philanthropic organizations, CJL planners and staff take your giving goals seriously and know how to build your investments and make seamless distributions.


  • At CJL we help our clients understand the cost of higher education and strategize about how to best save to meet higher education objectives.
  • Our planners are excited to share their expertise on college savings options.


  • At CJL, we work with families to set up custodial accounts for children to not only help them jump-start their investment future, but to provide an avenue to educate them on the beauty of compound interest.
  • We work with families to encourage the next generation of investors by setting up Roth IRAs for young family members as soon as they begin working.
  • CJL Investment Managers welcome our clients’ children and grandchildren to our office so they can learn about the practice of investing.
  • CJL works with international individuals and businesses to navigate the complexities foreign investors face when trying to access and invest in the US market.
  • CJL staff interfaces directly with foreign investors and their accounting teams to provide up-to-date investment data.
    • CJL Investment Managers excel in working with accounting firms to set up both corporate pension investment accounts and individual employee 401(K) investment accounts.
    • Cash management and investment management are important issues challenging business owners. CJL experts help executives put their business capital to work.
    • Retirement plan offerings can be an important retention tool for employers. CJL helps businesses establish and manage a variety of employee retirement programs.
    • At CJ Lawrence, we share your commitment to making the world a better place.
    • Our principals and staff serve on numerous non-profit boards of directors and support dozens of philanthropic organizations.
    • Our experience as investment managers and philanthropists puts us in a unique position to advise your team in the creation and execution of your organization’s financial plan.
    • Our advisor–manager model provides your team with the insights and transparency that align with the highest fiduciary standards.
    • We understand the challenges inherent in balancing grants and resources and excel in building investment portfolios tailored to organizational objectives.


CJL’s institutional commingled funds include:

Bulldog UIT
Bulldog International UIT
American Renaissance UIT
European Select UIT


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