• Bulldog Equity Portfolios

Over the past 25 years CJL’s portfolio managers have applied a qualitative discipline to establish a buy-universe of no more than 200 stocks of companies that embody what CJL calls Bulldog characteristics.

Bulldogs are companies that are intensely focused on taking market share in growing sectors. These companies dominate or disrupt their competition through a combination of financial strength, innovation, economies of scale, product or service differentiation, and management talent.

Bulldogs are not limited to traditional growth sectors. A number of these leaders are considered either cyclical or “growth cyclicals” companies and can be found in traditional value sectors. These Bulldogs can achieve capitalization premiums within there respective sectors but rarely awarded premium valuations on normalized earnings.

While most of our Bulldogs universe is domestic, an increasing number of candidates are surfacing from other developed economies and rapidly growing emerging markets.

Our buy-universe is continually measured by our valuation model and ranked by total return over a 3-year period.  Stock selection is subject to price/value standards measured against the future return of the market.

A diversified portfolio of 30 to 40 stocks is composed. Annual portfolio turnover tends to be low, typically between 30-40%.

Positions are eliminated or reduced if their preeminent competitive position erodes or when expected returns become modest compared to other stocks in our universe.

  • Balanced and Equity Income

Our balanced portfolios combine CJL’s unique Bulldog equity portfolio with an allocation into fixed income. Target asset allocation can vary according to risk tolerance but is typically 60% equities and 40% fixed income.

Equity-income portfolios are also available for clients with higher current income needs. These portfolios invest in stocks with higher than average dividends and the ability to increase payouts.



  • Utilizing the core strategies above, portfolios can be adjusted to achieve customized asset allocations strategies. These strategies could include stock or sector specific restrictions. They can also be driven by estateand tax planningconsiderations. Your CJL investment advisor can also construct total return targeted and yield driven portfolios.



At C.J. Lawrence, we share your calling.

  • Our principals serve on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors and support dozens of philanthropic organizations.
  • Our experience as investment managers and philanthropists puts us in a unique position to advise your team in the creation and execution of your organization’s financial plan.
  • Our advisor – manager model provides your team with the insights and transparency that align with the highest fiduciary standards.
  • We understand the challenges inherent in balancing grants and resources and build investment portfolios tailored to your organization’s objectives.



CJL’s institutional commingled funds include:

  • Bulldog UIT
  • American Renaissance UIT
  • European Select UIT


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