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16 Jul C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment – Healthy Corporate Fundamentals and Stalled Bond Yields Keep the CJL Market Monitor in BUY Territory

The Market Monitor’s current reading is “BUY”, with a numerical score of +1, the lowest reading in BUY territory, on a scale of -6 to +6. As the Fed has lifted the Fed Funds target rate, the year-over-year interest rate rate-of-change models have weighed on the Monitor score. But despite rising rates, the cash flow and earnings yields on stocks continue to outshine the relative appeal of bond yields. ...

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02 Jul C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment – New S&P Sector Construct Could Create Volatility this Summer (Repost from March 12, 2018)

Followers of the CJL Weekly Market Comment are familiar with our practice of looking below the broader market indices to compare the fundamentals, price performance, and valuations of the 11 different S&P Sectors, 24 Industry Groups and, 157 Sub-Industries. This style of analysis dates back to the original C.J. Lawrence. ...

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25 Jun C.J. Lawrence Weekly – Down but Not Out…Industrial Stocks Warrant a Closer Look

A closer look at sector fundamentals, and the progression of sales and earnings forecasts, suggests that industrial stocks may have been prematurely discounted. Industrial stock prices may already reflect much risk and may not be discounting the possibility that we are in the midst of a capital spending cycle that is supportive of multi-year earnings growth. It may be a bumpy path forward, but industrial stocks warrant another look. ...

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