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18 Dec C.J. Lawrence Weekly – Time to Rotate to Value Stocks?…Not So Fast

Over the last 15 years, growth stocks have traded at a 1.21 relative P/E to value, having peaked at 1.44 and troughed at .91. That ratio now stands at 1.28 and has been declining since 2013. The same holds true for price/book value, return on equity, and price/earnings growth (PEG) relative comparisons. The technical set up may be giving a green light for a rotation from growth to value stocks, but historical fundamental valuation comparisons are telling growth weighted managers to stay put. ...

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11 Dec C.J. Lawrence Weekly – Cash Can be King Even When You’re Bullish

The point is that corrections and rotations, and the reactions to them, during periods of economic stability and/or expansion, are happening within increasingly compressed durations. Investors looking opportunistically for attractive entry points to high conviction ideas now have narrow windows in which to execute their strategies. Having plenty of dry power available, and the ability to put it to work quickly, have become strategic imperatives in today’s fast-moving market. ...

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