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14 May C. J. Lawrence Weekly – Profit Margin Expansion Suggests Current Business Cycle Has Legs

Meaningful revenue growth combined with expanding margins is a good recipe for profits, and owning stocks with that winning combination is a proven strategy for capital appreciation.  The most attractive candidates can be found in the Technology and Industrials sectors which are delivering on both....

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07 May C. J. Lawrence Weekly – Falling Down on the Multiple Staircase

In the 1980s, C.J. Lawrence Chairman, Jim Moltz, observed the long-term cyclical trends in P/E multiples and coined the progression, the “Multiple Staircase” (see chart below).  The Multiple Staircase showed that the S&P 500 P/E multiple trended in stair-step fashion, in one direction for about 12 years, before reversing course and trending in the other direction for 18 to 20 years....

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