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20 Feb C.J. Lawrence Weekly – Financials Sector is the Baby that Should be Put Back in the Bath

We made the point in a recent Weekly Market Comment that the shrinking US publicly traded company share count could be a contributing factor to the equity market’s long bull run. The same phenomenon can also contribute to stock price volatility on a short-term basis, as witnessed during the last two weeks of trading. ...

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12 Feb C.J. Lawrence Weekly – Volatility Returns (Chairman, James Moltz)

The abrupt rise in stock market volatility is being driven by a growing concern that recently enacted fiscal stimulus will overheat the economy bringing with it inflation, higher interest rates and federal funding issues. The 10% correction in the major U.S. indices is testimony to the market’s penchant to discount the future. Right now, business is good. Reports from Davos confirm that global corporate leaders are very optimistic about the outlook. But recent editorials in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Economist offered varying degrees of caution....

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06 Feb Corrections vs Crashes – What are We Watching?

Despite being fundamental investors, we need to turn to technicals today to understand if a correction is “normal” or something more ominous. We look to the structure of the sell off, ie is it orderly etc. We need to make sure price discovery is achieved and markets can cope with the extra volume of sell orders. We watch the relationship between Treasuries and Stocks....

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