Portfolio Strategy

Our firm is built on a legacy of proprietary research and portfolio strategies that transcend market cycles. Our managers utilize a full suite of proprietary models and valuation tools that guide our clients’ asset allocation. Those proprietary tools include:

The Multi-Variate C.J. Lawrence Market Monitor
C.J. Lawrence Rule-Based Earnings and Dividend Valuation Techniques
C.J. Lawrence Sector-Based Regression Models
C.J. Lawrence Equity Supply-Demand Models

We integrate our macro views with a disciplined security selection process to develop targeted portfolios for our clients.

C.J. Lawrence Publications

Special Report – OPEC Discord and the Oil Shale Breakout Created the Surplus: Now What is Turning it Around?

In this special report, former Vice Chair of C.J. Lawrence, Charley Maxwell, shares his thoughts on global oil production and the equilibrium point between supply and demand. Available for download.

Special Report – The Road from Nadir to Zenith

Former Vice Chair of C.J. Lawrence, Charley Maxwell, shares his thoughts on the global energy markets in this special report. Available for download.

Portfolio Strategy – Edition #2

“A Renewed Focus on Market Share, Buy A Bulldog” is available upon requests.

C.J. Lawrence Weekly Market Comment

The Weekly is available upon requests.

C.J. Lawrence Thematic Report

Our Thematic Report is available upon requests.

For more than a century, the name C.J. Lawrence has been synonymous with providing high quality investment advice to institutional and individual investors.