The Portfolio Strategist

I started “The Portfolio Strategist” blog in my role as Portfolio Strategist and Investment Advisor at New York-based C.J. Lawrence. I am the author of the CJL Weekly Market Comment and have spent a career managing investments and analyzing and writing about markets, industries and securities.   After spending most of the 1990s as a market strategist and securities analyst, I spent the next decade in research, asset management, operations, and consulting roles, primarily at Deutsche Bank, and at independent research firm, Soleil Securities, where I was CEO.  In 2015 I rejoined my former colleagues from the original C.J. Lawrence and participated in the relaunch of our firm.  The legacy of the original C.J. Lawrence was of a firm built on analytical rigor, investment insight, and client service.  I am excited to be back at C.J. Lawrence and continuing that legacy.  I look forward to sharing my market observations with you through this blog.