C.J. Lawrence // Foundations & Endowments
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Foundations & Endowments

At C.J. Lawrence, We Share Your Calling

  • Our principals serve on numerous non-profit Boards of Directors and support dozens of philanthropic organizations.
  • Our experience as investment managers and philanthropists puts us in a unique position to advise your team in the creation and execution of your organization’s financial plan.
  • Our advisor – manager model provides your team with the insights and transparency that align with the highest fiduciary standards.
  • We understand the challenges inherent in balancing grants and resources and build investment portfolios tailored to your organization’s objectives.

Services Offered

  • Investment Policy Statement Development
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Outsourced CIO
  • Investment Committee Support Including Performance Reporting
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Risk management

Our dedication to understanding each of our unique clients together with our rigorous investment process is the surest path.